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Kayak tours, Mountain biking, Bush Walking, Fishing, Swimming, Golf, Surfing, Mogo Heritage Village & Zoo, Art Trails and Sculptures, Festivals, Broulee Brewhouse and many great places to dine.

Region X, offers a variety of short kayak tours in the wonderful waters of Batemans Bay. The multi award winning operator is pleased to offer any Rio Rita guests an exclusive 10% off discount.

You can book online with the code RIORITA and read about the wonderful kayak tours here

Broulee Brewhouse, a short 20 minute drive you will find a lively beachside beer garden with local brews & wines plus outdoor fun with live music and good eats.

Mogo Wildlife Park, Mogo Wildlife Park was established in 1989 and has attained an international reputation with the most diverse collection of exotic wildlife. This collection includes gorillas, rhinoceros, silvery gibbons, Bolivian squirrel monkeys, giraffe, zebra, meerkats, cheetah, cotton-top tamarins, Sumatran tigers, Nepalese red pandas, ring-tailed lemurs, oriental small-clawed otters, siamangs and white lions.

The Oyster Shed, is perfect if you love seafood, check out the fresh oysters and prawns at Wray Street along with incredible coffee and snacks on the Clyde River. Just a short walk from Rio Rita.

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