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The founders of the park Elsie & Bert Lewis found this place after a camping trip while travelling on a motorbike in 1965. They purchased the land and enjoyed camping with family and many friends before this evolved into our little place called Rio Rita. The name came from a boat they bought called Rio Rita. After a very close call at sea this boat, and it's name proved to be their lucky charm. No longer with us today, their little touches are still felt around the place, from the beautiful gardens that Elsie planted along the escarpment to the buildings that Bert built with help from his son Abby. In the late 1970's Sharon & Abby took the reins allowing Elsie & Bert to take a back seat and enjoy what they worked so hard to create.

Elsie & Bert - the Founders
Elsie and the girls in the early days.
Ariel view of the surrounding areas.
Rio Rita summer days
The front entry
Bert with his old school van
Ariel view of the Park
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